General Information

  1. School Terms

The school operates on a private school 3 term calendar. The school will be closed for all Public and School holidays.


  1. School Hours

Toddler           8:00 to 12:00

Pre-School       8:00 to 12:30

The staff are on duty from 7:10am to receive and supervise the children with free play until 8 am when the school day commences. The pick-up time for the Toddler children is from 12 to 12:30 pm promptly. And for the Pre-School children from 12:30 pm to 1 pm promptly. Should they not be fetched within the designated times, the children are placed in Aftercare. The Head Directress needs to be notified if the child is being picked up by someone other than the approved pick up person.


  1. Child’s Progress Reports

At the end of Term 1:

A written Feedback report is given to all parents.


During Term 2:

Each parent has an opportunity to book a morning to come in to school and observe their child, the environment and the Directresses in a typical work cycle, providing a first-hand idea as to what happens on a daily basis. Thereafter, a 20 minute one on one verbal meeting is held with the parent sharing and discussing the child’s progress.


At end of Term 3:

A comprehensive written report is given for each child.


  1. Food

We do not provide food at Lotus Montessori due to the issue of possible different allergies in children and also religious dietary needs. Thus each child brings their own lunch/snack as the parent prefers for their child, provided it is in line with our intention to instil healthy eating habits in each of our learners. Therefore, no sweets/biscuits/chips are allowed as part of any child’s lunch/snack option. No fizzy nor energy drinks are allowed. Water is encouraged as a preferred option.


  1. Groupings

Children are grouped from 18 months to 3 years in the Toddler environment and from 3 to 6 years in the Pre-School environment. This vertical grouping is beneficial to both the younger child as well as the older child. The younger child benefits from watching and strives to emulate the older child. The older child reinforces work previously learnt, acquires leadership skills and is filled with a sense of accomplishment when he/she assists their younger peers. We offer “Potty” training and this is offered when a child shows a positive interest and or when we see that through encouragement the child will be willing to go through the process.


  1. Aftercare and Holiday Care

Aftercare is run everyday until 5pm. There is also a 3pm pick up option for those children that sign up for Aftercare on a daily basis.

The School runs a holiday programme with planned activities, such as crafts, ball skills and fun and games throughout the day.


  1. Extra murals

At Lotus Montessori, we offer Computer, Speech & Drama, Cricket, Pianistics, Dance, Soccer and Monkeynastics. Most of these take place at the end of the school day.

12:00 to 12:30 for Toddlers

12:30 to 13:00 for Pre-Schoolers


  1. Birthday Celebrations

In our Toddler Group, a birthday celebration is held at school for the child. Both parents are invited to come through, bringing preferably mini cupcakes for each child in their own child’s class. All children gather and sing for their friend. He/she then hands out the cake to each of the classmates. Photos can be taken.

In the Pre-School Group, the parents are invited to attend. Mini Cupcakes are again the preferred option. The celebration proceeds with the classmates going through a journey of the birthday child’s life thus far. A time line of the child is presented via photos for each year of their life including birth and the various events/milestones achieved during that time is discussed. This process enables his/her peers to get a detailed insight into the Birthday Child’s life. Party packs are not advised.


  1. Clothing

Children to wear comfortable labelled clothing and shoes. A spare set of labelled clothing to be packed daily to allow for a change of clothes, is necessary.


  1. Graduation

A child in the Toddler Group graduates when he/she goes through the process of internal visits to the Pre-School environment. His/her success for this transition is based on meeting the necessary readiness guidelines, emotionally, socially and academically.

A Pre-Schooler qualifies for graduation after he/she has completed a full 3 year cycle gaining the necessary academic achievements as per the standards maintained at Lotus Montessori. Each child that fulfils this tends to have achieved a holistic development through the experiences he/she gains.


  1. Hats and Sunblock

It is compulsory for each and every child to have a sun hat at school on a daily basis. A school hat is provided on admission. We have a strict rule of NO HAT NO PLAY. This is to instil awareness in each child to take care and protect themselves when out in the sun. Each child has to bring their own sunblock to school and this is applied before the child goes out to play every day.