A few letters from Parents addressed to the Head Directress of Lotus Montessori:

Letter 1:

Thank you very much for providing a home of learning and development for Rego. She truly has blossomed and developed into a confident little person and it is all due to your efforts. A special thanks to you Veena for your leadership qualities and passion that you have displayed. The warmth and passion shown by all the staff members throughout the years will surely be missed and cherished. I am certain that Rego will miss the environment, all her friends and teachers, however I am comforted by the knowledge that the skills she learned while at Lotus will set her in good stead for the journey that lies ahead.


Letter 2:

We would like to thank you and the Lotus teachers for the wonderful support and encouragement given to my child in the 18 months she would have been with Lotus Montessori and for helping her grow into a confident little girl, eager to learn at every opportunity. She has thrived in the safe and fun environment afforded to her by Lotus and will always have a warm place in her heart for the school, the teachers and her friends she has come to love. As parents we thank you for always being approachable and generous with your valuable advice and suggestions. You have helped put both our children firmly on the road to academic success and that can never be appreciated more.


Letter 3:

In the past year Princess has grown into an honest, considerate, hardworking young lady and I know that I have Lotus Montessori to thank for that. The one-on-one attention that Princess received from your teachers has made her confident in her abilities and sparked her interest in many different subjects. Taking part in sports day also taught Princess the value of discipline and teamwork, traits that will serve her well throughout the rest of her life. More than anything else I would like to thank you for the fun that Princess has had during her time at lotus Montessori. Every day she would arrive home with a big smile and lots of stories to share with us. Lotus Montessori is really focused on giving each student the best education possible, and your leadership provided Princess with just that, now I believe in your motto: At Lotus Teaching is our Passion


Letter 4:

We would like to thank you for all the nurturing and patience that was afforded to her. We are assured that her strong foundation will carry her far in her academic life.


Letter 5:

With regard to Keemaya’s time at Lotus Montessori, I cannot praise you or your teachers enough. Under your care & expertise, Keemaya has thrived and has learnt so much. You have fostered a sense of respect & pride in the learning process, & we cannot thank you enough. It is due to your efforts that Keemaya is the confident child she is today. Your school was a beacon of light for us. Any parent should be proud to have their children learn at your school. Your standard of learning & compassion for your children is beyond anything we have seen before. Our only hope is that Keemaya continues to feel as special and valued in her new school environment, as she is at Lotus Montessori.


Letter 6:

We would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for teaching Kishan over the past 3 years. We have noticed him develop and mature under your guidance and have utmost respect for you as a teacher and friend


Letter 7:

“Warmest thanks for your hard work and outstanding contributions that you have made with both our sons. We know much time and energy they demand and we deeply appreciate all your efforts. As always, it’s great to know that we can count on you to go that extra mile with our boys. We further wish to thank the rest of your team for their dedication and hard work.


Letter 8:

We want to thank you and your dedicated staff for her academic accomplishments thus far. We know that, the solid Lotus Montessori foundation and the values Veshaya has learnt at your institution will enable her to excel throughout her schooling career.”



Graduation Speech by our Leaners:

Learner 1:

My dear teachers at Lotus Montessori. It’s time to leave and I am very sad. I have been here since I was 2 years old and I want to say Thank You for all that you have taught me over the years. From “hello how are you” which is now the greeting at our house, to reader number 32, and not forgetting the impressive hand on the shoulder to get someone’s attention. This has impressed many adults over the years. Thank you for teaching me the Lotus Montessori way. I have to continue my journey at a new school but I will always remember my Lotus Montessori days. I love you…….Thank you. ”

– Veshaya


Learner 2:

Lotus Montessori is my first school, my first learning ground in a new country and a new city. I have made lots of new friends and felt welcome. Coming to school every day and learning new things, has been so much of fun, never a dull moment. I want to grow up to be like my teachers, kind and warm. I would like to thank my teacher Veena for making me comfortable and love each and every day of Lotus Montessori. I will never forget those happy times. My first experience of Pre-School. Thank you. ”

– Bhoomi